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Getting into Shape for your Wedding

Getting in shape for your MA wedding
Credit : Bebe Simone, Makeup Artist

The big day is in a few months and you want to get in shape. The thought of squeezing into a pair of spandex shorts is enough to drive anyone's motivation down! However, you have to remember that this your big day. So, girls, it's time to get motivated! Below you'll find a list of helpful tips to get you started on a workout program.

  • Do not put pressure on yourself to lose the weight. Planning a wedding is already stressful enough - you don't need the added pressure!
  • If you don't workout and are not sure where to begin, start with a walk. Walking is simple, inexpensive and you can do it anywhere! Set goals - walk for 20 minutes one day and add five minutes to your walk the next time. Or time yourself - see how far you can walk in 30 minutes and see if you can walk further the next time. Reaching your goals will keep you motivated. Not only does walking get you in shape, but it also reduces stress.
  • Join a gym. Not only can you workout with all the equipment, you'll find lots of great classes, such as: step aerobics, spinning, yoga, kickboxing, and sculpt classes. Working out will help you lose the fat and gain muscle (remember - muscle burns fat!).
  • If you can't get motivated, hire a personal trainer. He/she will be sure to push you harder than you would push yourself!
  • Feel like exercising is a chore? Then take up a sport! Why not join a softball team? Or how about volleyball or basketball? Lots of local schools have evening classes that include these sports. Perhaps your place at work has a team you can join.
  • Talking with friends will also keep you motivated. There are also many chat rooms on the internet that will keep you motivated. Hearing their stories will inspire you.
  • As you start to lose weight, focus on the positive. Don't focus on how much more you have to lose. Give yourself the credit you deserve for all the hard work you've done.

After exercising for a few weeks, you'll start to notice a change in both your body and your spirit. Feeling better about yourself will relieve any stress. In turn, making your wedding planning a bit easier!