Bridal Gowns

It's all about the dress - and we've got all you need to know to pick THE bridal gown. From fabrics and styles to top trends in  bridal gowns, find inspiration for your MA wedding.

2016 Bridal Gown Trends

5 glamorous and gorgeous trends

Colored Wedding Dresses

from soft to dramatic, 4 ideas for colored dresses

Dramatic Back Dresses

romantic lace, convertible, or bare all

Shopping for a MA Wedding Dress

4 tips for dress shopping

The Right Bridal Gown Style

styles that flatter your body type

Selecting Your Wedding Gown

choosing a reputable shop + budgeting tips

Bridal Gown Fabrics

fabric choices + seasonal options

Second Weddings + Bridal Gowns

how formal will you go the second time around?

Ordering your Wedding Gown

important info you should know before ordering

Ordering on-line vs In-Store

why buying a wedding dress online can be a bad idea

Wearing Mom's Dress

tips on restoring and updating your mother's treasure

Reception Wedding Dresses

is one gown enough? options for a 2nd dress

Incorporate Color Into Your Wedding Day Attire

6 ideas to add a bit of color into your attire

Containing Yourself on the Big Day!

how to contain yourself on the big day!

2015 Wedding Gown Trends

6 Hot Trends for 2015


Your bridal gown, like many other parts of your wedding, will help define the formality of your wedding. Ball gowns, lots of lace are just two bridal gown designs that fit a formal wedding (and are trending styles for 2015 wedding gowns!); simple satin bridal gowns or short bridal gowns are typically worn for day weddings or less formal weddings. However, this is YOUR wedding day - finding the bridal gown that makes you feel amazing will also play a role in selecting your bridal gown. More and more couples are defining their weddings by adding elements that reflect them as a couple. Your personality should shine through when selecting your bridal gown!