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Shopping for a MA Wedding Dress

MA Wedding Dress Shopping
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After the wedding date and wedding venue are set, it's real. You immediately begin visualizing your wedding day. You imagine your family and friends gathered together, dream of your color palette and decor and envision yourself being twirled around on the dance floor in the most beautiful of gowns. That's when most brides including myself begin the hunt for "the dress".

What a fun, exciting part of wedding planning; a day(s) of shopping for the most exquisite (and expensive) dress  you will ever wear. No pressure right? People say "you'll know you've found the one" but will you know?

Tips from staff member and bride, Dani, (#rusticwedding2015) about shopping for a wedding dress:

  • Small Entourages

There will be a lot of people that may want to join in the "fun" of dress shopping with you. Mothers, sisters, friends, soon to mother in law, aunts, godmother, all the important women in your life. I really recommend going the first time with your mom or one another person, someone who's opinion you trust. Doing this allows you to have this experience, soak in and know whether this is something you want more people to be involved in. People have different tastes and opinions and trying to listen to them all can be overwhelming. Also keep in mind many bridal shops have a limit of how many people you can have with you so consider having one person at all of them (this helps because she will see all the dresses and help you compare) along with one additional person. At each appointment choose someone new to come.

  • Give Yourself the Day

When you plan to go out dress shopping consider making more than one appointment especially if you have a few bridal shops located close by. Once you get started trying dresses on you don't really want to stop looking. Going to more than one place in a day will keep the dresses fresh on your mind and lots to consider. Plus you're in the mindset of "I'm finding my dress today", one 1 hour appointment will fly by.

  • Keep an Open Mind

While you should have an idea of what you want for your dress don't be afraid or hesitate to try something you didn't originally consider. There are so many beautiful gowns with so many fabrics, styles and embellishments that until you slip one on you cannot properly judge it. For myself I knew I didn't want a sweetheart dress however when a bridal consultant suggested one to me and I tried it on I was shocked at how I actually really liked the dress. Bridal gowns are made to wow you and that is what they do it's about finding one that your comfortable in and compliments your body,  shows your personal style and will wow your fiancé the moment they looks at you.

  • Do your Homework

Day one you will show up to a shop and simply look at gowns and say yes, no, ugly, too expensive  or I love it. You will try some on and maybe even find the one the first day, it happens. However most brides will go out a few times before you find "the dress". To save yourself some time and frustration do some research.   Visit w0edding guide sites, pinterest etc for some inspiration and some direction as to what you like. Then familiarize yourself with some of the designers it may help narrow your search if you know you really love the style of a particular designer. You can then locate a shop that carries them.  

About the Author: after years of working in the wedding industry, Dani is sharing her planning - and dilemmas - about planning her wedding. Read Dani & Sean's engagement story >