Bridal Accessories

You've Found the Bridal Gown - Now What??

It can be difficult to think past the bridal gown – but once that all important detail has been squared away, there are a number of accessories that can be taken into consideration.

Veil or No Veil?

Many Brides know instantly whether they are interested in a veil or not. However if you are undecided there are a few things to think about. Thicker veils can be worn high on the head, for the optional covering of the face and a rich halo that lends itself to the princess-like category. Veils of medium thickness can be worn on the back of the head, and thinner veils can be worn lower, underneath an up-do for an understated but still glamourous look. If you have opted to purchase a dress without a train due to the potential hassle, you can still achieve a flowing look while walking down the aisle by wearing a cathedral length veil. This veil will trail behind you, beautiful and ethereal – and best of all, you can remove it when it is time to dance.

Bridal Accessories: Veils
Cristina chose to wear both - a blusher at the ceremony; a birdcage veil at the reception. View Cristina & Dan's wedding at the Boston Public Library >

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Sparkle & Shine

When it comes to jewelry, many Brides will choose pieces that have personal value to them such as a piece that belonged to a family member or close friend. It is a great way to honor those who mean a lot to you. However, if there is no such jewelry available that complements your dress don't worry - the options are practically endless! Popular choices include handmade lace necklaces that seem almost too delicate to wear, the elegant 'strand of pearls' and stunning 'drop' earrings.

Bridal Accessories: Jewelry
Melissa chose traditional pearl drop earrings and bracelet for her rustic-style wedding. View Melissa & Patrick's rustic wedding >

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Bridal Garters

Garters are where even the most conservative brides can go a little crazy. No one will see it during the ceremony so don't hesitate to wear whichever one catches your eye! Purchasing a garter and toss garter set will enable you to take part in the entertaining and mildly embarrassing garter toss without forcing you to give up a wedding memento to the cause.

Bridal Accessories: Garters

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Bridal Shoes

There are no restrictions on bridal shoes, with Brides wearing anything from high top trainers to flats. Of course, if you are going with a heel there doesn't have to be anything classic about it. Custom shoe clips and brightly colored footwear serves to make your options virtually limitless. Make sure to buy your shoes before you get your dress fitted and take them with you for alterations. An inch either way may not be terribly noticeable in a short dress, but if you have a floor length gown it can be the difference between elegance and tripping on the stairs!

Bridal Accessories: Shoes
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Most importantly, choose bridal accessories that make you feel like the beautiful and confident bride that you will be.