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Bridal Gown Cover-Ups & Outerwear

New England weather is never predictable, so brides have that extra challenge of finding the right cover up to wear over their wedding gowns. Breezy spring and summer afternoons or cooler fall and winter temperatures may call for some added coverage, especially for brides with strapless gowns. Although fall and winter brides will most likely be indoors for most of their wedding day, there are times like getting in and out of the car at the ceremony and reception, perhaps taking photos, and going to the honeymoon suite at the end of the night where outerwear may be needed.

We recently asked Donna Holland from Party Dress Express of Fall River if bridal cover-ups are still as important aspect when purchasing a bridal dress and we were enlightened by her answer. Holland said “coverups are even more important than before because instead of just being worn as coverage over a strapless gown for either modesty or warmth, they are now being used to help showcase a theme.”

Here are some cover up options available for brides:

Bridal Shawl

A shawl is a rectangular, square or triangular piece of cloth loosely worn over the shoulders, upper body and arms. Shawls can be made of many fabrics like cashmere, wool, faux fur or brocade and can be embellished with embroidery, lace or beads.

Bridal Gown Coverups - Shawl
Bridal Gown Coverups - Satin Shawl
Sheer Shawl, Bridal Gown Coverup
Bridal Gown Coverup ~ White Bridal Shawl
Pashmina Shawl Blu by Mori Lee Casablanca Casablanca

Bridal Shrug

A shrug is a cropped cardigan-like garment that is typically knitted. Available in short or long sleeves, it is more tailored than a shawl and it covers a small portion of the upper body. Shrugs may be tied just below the bustline or cut off at the sides like sleeves joined at the back.

Bridal Gown Coverups ~ Lace Bolero from Casablanca
Bridal Shrug
Casablanca Casablanca    

Bridal Bolero

Similar to a shrug, a bolero jacket is essentially a short or cropped tailored jacket. Bolero jackets are available in short or long sleeves and are made in a variety of elegant fabrics for weddings.

Bridal Gown Coverups ~ Beaded Tulle Bolero from Mori Lee Bridal
Bridal Gown Coverups ~ Lace Bolero from Allure Romance
Bridal Gown Coverups ~ Bolero from Casablanca
Mori Lee Bridal Allure Romance Casablanca  

Bridal Wrap

A wrap is actually a skirt, like what you would wear with a bathing suit, but it is widely used with the terms shawl and stole, i.e. wrap shawl or wrap stole – basically, it’s a cover up that wraps around your shoulders.

Bridal Gown Coverups ~ Faux Mink Bridal Wrap
Bridal Gown Coverups ~ Lace Bridal Wrap from Maggie Sottero Bridal
Bridal Gown Coverups ~ Sheer Bridal Wrap
Bridal Coverup - Wrap
Faux Mink + Hand Muff Maggie Sottero Bridal Casablanca Casablanca

Wedding Stole

A stole is a narrower type of shawl wrapped around the shoulders and can be made of expensive fabrics just like a shawl.

Bridal Gown Coverups - Lace Wedding Stole
Bridal Gown Coverups - Faux Fur Bridal Stole + Muff
Fur Wedding Stole
Maggie Sottero Bridal Faux Fur Wedding Stole Faux Fur Stole  


A cape is a sleeveless outer garment that fastens around the neck and may be short or full-length. They are sometimes worn in place of coats altogether as to not cover or crush the bridal gown.  Capes/cloaks are typically made from expensive fabrics like velvet, silk, or satin and may be trimmed in faux fur.

Bridal Gown Coverups ~ Fur Bridal Cape
Bridal Gown Coverups ~Sheer Cape
Bridal Gown Coverup: Sheer Bridal Cape
Sheer Bridal Cape
Faux Mink Bridal Cape Bari Jay Blu Bridal by Mori Lee Blu Bridal by Mori Lee