Wedding Jewelry

Breaking Down The Dos and Don’ts For Your Big Day!

You’ve bought the perfect wedding gown... now it's time to accessorize! So many of the wedding dress designers have incorporated everything from faux pearls, rhinestones, organza flowers and sequins. A Bride can certainly be concerned these days that adding jewelry might take away from her gorgeous dress.

Well, luckily, we caught up with Donna Holland of Party Dress Express, New England’s #1 Retailer for Proms, Weddings and Special Occasions, to help us figure out the Dos and Don’ts of Wedding day jewelry.


Bridal earrings can be a gorgeous showpiece as they highlight and focus attention on the Bride’s gorgeous face. “The first thing I ask a Bride is about her headpiece. If she's wearing something intricate with a lot of lace or, if she's wearing a tiara, she might want to go with more of a simple design,” Holland told us.

Massachusetts wedding jewelry - Drop
Massachusetts wedding jewelry - Statement Earrings
Massachusetts wedding jewelry - Bling
"Here, the earrings are simple and really lets the dress be the star,” Holland continued. "For a strapless wedding gown that is simple in the bodice, statement earrings can be really fun." "For a Bride that wants a little more "bling," I would suggest these teardrop earrings. Since we're going big, it would look best with a simple headpiece & an understated necklace."

A Bride often knows she will be photographed up close and that puts special emphasis on choosing her earrings and necklace. "In that case, I really think about what the neckline of the wedding gown is. If a dress has capped sleeves of an intricate lace design, again, simple elegant earrings are best. However, if the design is more simple, a beautiful sweetheart neckline that shows off the shoulders – then I love dangling earrings. They are so romantic!” But what style, we asked. There are so many! "Pick something that compliments your dress. For instance, if a Bride has a dress that invokes Old Hollywood Glamour, then earrings with a vintage vibe are perfect.”

But what style, we asked. There are so many! “Pick something that compliments your dress.  For instance, if a Bride has a dress that invokes Old Hollywood Glamour, then earrings with a vintage vibe are perfect.”

Massachusetts wedding jewelry - Vintage Vibe Earrings
Massachusetts wedding jewelry - Vintage Vibe Earrings
Bridal Jewelry - Vintage Vibe Earrings
Vintage Vibe Vintage Vibe Vintage Vibe
“If your dress has a more Modern feel, then I have some perfect suggestions…”
Massachusetts wedding jewelry - Modern Earrings
Massachusetts wedding jewelry - Modern Earrings
Massachusetts wedding jewelry - Modern Earrings
Modern Earrings Chandelier Earrings Drop Earrings

Earring Dos and Don’ts: “My Dos and Don’ts would be: Do find something you love...the best part about wedding earrings is you can always wear them again and again to remind you of your beautiful day. Do consider the design of your dress and how much you have going on above the waist line – if your dress has lots of detail, embellishments; if you’re wearing a complicated headpiece; if you’re wearing your hair down, then don’t choose earrings with too much detail.”


This year, wedding necklaces are all about the big and the bold. But Holland tells her Brides, “Go with what you love. And let the style of dress dictate what you choose. A statement necklace of rhinestones is gorgeous but if your dress has lots of embellishments, it might feel too heavy.”

Wedding Jewelry - Bold & Beautiful Necklaces
Wedding Jewelry - Simple Necklaces
Wedding Jewelry - Vintage Glamour
Wedding Jewelry - Pearl Necklaces
Bold & Beautiful:
Statement necklaces were a huge trend last year and many Brides still love them in 2015.
Simply Beautiful:
Though lots of shine, the design is simple and that’s why it is perfect for a gown that is either simple in its design or a bit more intricate.
Vintage Glamour:
A necklace we imagine pulling from our mother or grandmother’s jewelry box.  It would look perfect with a dress that has a vintage feel.
Perfect in Pearls:
Pearls are always simple, elegant and best of all, always in style!

Necklace Dos and Don’ts: “It may sounds repeated but again, I would say to take the style of your wedding dress into consideration. If the dress has a lot of embellishment at the neck, stay away from big chunky necklaces. A bold bangle might be a better idea. My don’ts?  Don’t worry too much about what everyone is saying are the trends... pick something you love. And something you’ll want to wear on your anniversary and pass down to your kids!” Holland told us.


“I love bracelets because if a Bride feels like she needs to scale down her wedding day earrings and necklace, she can always add a bold bangle to her ensemble. A bracelet adds a bit of glamour but it will rarely steal the show from the wedding gown.”

We’re loving a big chunky rhinestone bangle. But it depends on your dress! Strands of faux pearls can make a beautiful accent to your wedding day ensemble, too.

Wedding Jewerly - Bracelets
Wedding Jewelry - bracelets
MA Wedding jewelry - Braided Stretch Jewelry
MA Wedding jewelry - Bangle Bracelet
Rhinestone Cuff Bracelet Rhinestone Cuff Bracelet Delicate & Romantic Bangle Bracelet

Bracelets Dos and Don’ts: “My Do would be to have fun with your bracelets, from skinny to chunky bangles, you can really get away with a lot of bling on the wrist.  My Don’t would be:  Don’t get a bracelet that feels like it’s weighing you down, remember, you want to be able to dance the night away!”