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Bridesmaids' Dresses: Extension of your Style

Are Bridesmaids Dresses Really An Extension of Your Wedding Day Style?

Every Bride dreams of having the perfect wedding, one where she can look back on her wedding pictures and feel just as happy as the day she said, “I do.”  These days, so much thought is put into every detail, from the cake to the vows, that Brides often have an overall look or “theme” when they are thinking about what kind of wedding to have.  And its no surprise that Brides are thinking of not just having their own wedding gown reflect this style, but their Bridesmaids dresses, too.

We turned to Donna Holland of Party Dress Express, New England's #1 Retailer for Proms, Weddings and Special Occasions to share four popular dress styles. "We’ve found that designers are taking extra care to make  Bridesmaids dresses that fall in line with four main Bridal styles – Classic, Modern, Romantic, and Bohemian.  Read on to find out which one is your style!"

Romantic Bridesmaids Dresses

A romantic Bridesmaid's dress often has a full skirt and feels ethereal and light. It might be adored with flowers or have an overlay of fabric. But a romantic Bridesmaid dress can be short, too. It's more about the movement of the fabric and a dress creating a feeling of femininity. The great thing about a romantic dress is it doesn't have the crisp lines of Classic or a Modern Bridesmaid's dress, so it most definitely more figure flattering with it's flowy fabric and easy movement. What might have once been restricted to pinks and pastels for color, now a romantic Bridesmaid dress is more about silhouette and less about a demure color.

Vintage/Bohemian Bridesmaids Dresses

A vintage/bohemian Bridesmaid’s dress is either short with or long with fluid lines and romantic details like sparkle,  flowers or tulle. The style is a perfect reflection of a bride who is drawn to throwback styles like the days of Gatsby and Old Hollywood Glamour.  We imagine her dress is beautifully crafted with intricate beading or simple, flowy and romantic.  Her Bridesmaids might wear flowers in their hair or vintage rhinestone hair adornments.

Classic Bridesmaids' Dresses

A Bride that has a view of her wedding being a “classic” wedding might just have had a picture of Audrey Hepburn in her mind when she picks out her Bridesmaid dresses. The neckline is usually high and the lines clean and crisp. But the detail that really stands out for us, is how every detail of a classic wedding evokes timeless charm and brings back memories of ageless elegance. A classic dress will stand the test of time for many years to come because it never goes out of style, which is one of its biggest appeals.

Modern Bridesmaids' Dresses

While it's true that the wedding gown is the main focus for the entire entourage's couture, a Bridesmaid is definitely going to be in the spotlight if she is wearing a modern Bridesmaid dress. This is a dress that can often be mistaken for a dress right off of fashion's runway. It often has architectural details, such as intricate pleating, asymmetry or bold shoulder detail.A modern dress can be short or long but often the colors are bold, such as jewel tones. A modern Bridesmaid dress is perfect for every season of the year, but especially in colder months where dresses can be made of heavier fabric and carry more intricate detail.


While it’s always lovely to have your Bridesmaids dresses be an extension of your wedding dress style, what’s the most important thing is that the dresses make your close friends and family feel as beautiful as you do in your dress. One new trend that we absolutely love is picking several different styles of Bridesmaid dresses but uniting them in the same fabric and style. This way, you can flatter all your Bridesmaid’s figures while reflecting your own wedding style.