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Danielle Timmons & Sean Collin
May 30th, 2015

It was like that moment in a movie, the one you know is going to happen, you not sure when or how but it's coming, yet when the moment arrives it still catches you by surprise and you're so completely overcome with emotion it's as if you never expected at all. That's how it was on Christmas Eve, when Sean stopped me on the bridge in the Public Garden and  asked me to marry him.  I realized then that no matter how long you've known each other there is something incredibly special and romantic about that moment when your best friend gets down on one knee and promises to spend the rest of his life loving you. 

Over these past few weeks we've been celebrated with champagne at every home we visit, received cards and gifts in the mail and well Facebook has given us a lot of likes :) It's humbling to have friends and family as great as ours who have made this time so special for us.  We are enjoying this time and remembering to savor it while we begin to plan one of the most important days of our lives.

Having worked at The Wedding Outlet for about 8 years  I've been surrounded by all things weddings. So choosing a theme was easy, I knew a rustic wedding was exactly what I wanted.  I've started looking into to venues that would be perfect for us including Harrington Farm, ECCR, Red Lion Inn and the Smith Barn. Lots of great places to choose from and it's got me excited for the rest of wedding planning!