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MA Wedding Musicians

Credit : EFD Creative - Event Planning & Design

Make your ceremony one to remember by choosing wedding music that represents the soul of you and your partner! Wedding music not only creates the backdrop for your big day but it also reflects your personalities.

Taking the time to choose the ceremony musicians and the ceremony music will make your wedding unique. Imagine yourself walking down the aisle to a majestic processional played by a trumpet and organ. Would a piece played by a violinist and accompanied by an organ add to the meaningfulness of your vows? Do you think a special song played as a background to your candle-lighting might enhance the beauty of the moment?

The wedding venue, of course, determines what restrictions if any will be put on your selection of music and musicians. Many churches and other houses of worship specify what music can and cannot be played at ceremonies; to be safe, check with your clergy in advance. In other settings there are few if any rules regarding music.  

If your ceremony is to be celebrated at a hotel or in a mansion, would a trio consisting of a flutist, a violinist, and a cellist add to the elegance of the setting? Think about a garden ceremony with a harpist and violinist or perhaps a string trio! The possibilities are many and are dependent on the preferences of the couple and on the type of ceremony they are planning.

You can get ideas on specific musical selections by visiting musicians’ websites where you can hear music samples. There are also wedding music CDs that can introduce you to some of the most-loved ceremony music.

The cost of live music varies greatly and depends on the number of musicians you wish to hire and on the length of performance time involved. Visit the musicians’ websites and email or phone them for quotes.

Using live musicians can make the difference between a ho-hum affair and one that stands out as beautiful and one-of-a-kind. At the end of your ceremony, walk down the aisle to music that will truly reflect your happiness on this special day!


  • Tip: Book your musician or ensemble at least six to twelve months prior to your wedding so that you can have your first choice of performers. However, if other obligations have taken priority and you still want beautiful music for your wedding, continue to search for musicians and also try calling your local Musicians Union for referrals.


From Catherine Pratte, Violinist, Caprice Ensemble