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Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Credit : Hampshire House

Wedding ceremony decorations primarily consist of flowers. When choosing flowers for your ceremony, you must decide on whether you want to keep it simple or elaborate. Flowers can be expensive, so remember to keep within your budget! Before you select any floral arrangements, you must consider the size of the ceremony site and the formality of the wedding. You may decide on all white with greens or colors that will complement the bridal party's attire.

Floral Decorations May Include

  • A floral arrangement for the center of the altar.
  • Flowers at the end of the pews (choose every two or three pews to cut down on cost).
  • An arrangement for the entrance door.
  • Vase on either side of the bride and groom.
  • An archway for the bridal party to walk through.

Ways to Save on Flowers

  • Split the cost of the flowers used at the ceremony site with another couple that is getting married there that same day.
  • Make sure your wedding is not near a major flower-giving holiday, such as Mother's Day or Valentine's Day.
  • If you are married in a church near Easter or Christmas, chances are that the church will be fully decorated for that holiday.
  • Get married in a garden setting - that will surely save you money on flowers!
  • Choose flowers that can also be used as wedding reception decor.
  • Use tulle bows instead of flowers for pew decorations.

Other Decorating Options

  • Use candles to create a more romantic atmosphere.
  • If your officiant permits it, have each guest light their own candle during the ceremony.
  • Use flower petals or an aisle runner.

What to do with Flowers after the Ceremony

  • Have them delivered to a nursing home or hospital for someone else to enjoy.
  • Have them delivered to a sick friend or relative who could not attend your wedding.
  • If there is a service the next day, they may be left behind.

Many couples focus on the reception decor and leave out ceremony decor. A good wedding florist will help you decide upon arrangements for your entire wedding day - from bouquets to reception decor to wedding ceremony decorations.