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Cleaning Wedding Rings

Massachusetts wedding jewelers - cleaning your wedding ring
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Rings are among the most prominent forms of jewelry as they are worn on the fingers. And given that most people's hands are in a state of almost perpetual motion, rings garner a lot of attention. Similarly, rings are also subject to being knocked about and attracting grit and grime from everyday events such as washing dishes, eating, and the numerous other tasks in which hands are involved in.

For most individuals, their engagement and wedding bands are the most important rings they wear. In the case of men, it is usually the only ring they wear. Remember how you invested time and effort in deciding exactly which ring was perfect for you? Due to their importance as well as their prominence they should be cleaned regularly so as to always attract the right type of attention.


Wedding and engagement rings are usually made from precious metals and set with a diamond or diamonds. Gold is a relatively soft metal, consequently, the higher the purity of the gold used the softer the metal and the more prone to scratching and even breaking. For example 18 karat gold is softer than 14 karat gold. That is why it is very rare in the U.S. to find rings made of gold with a purity higher than 18 karat.

When it comes to cleaning these metals it is important to either use a soft bristle brush or a soft cloth from a material which will not scratch the metal.

With diamond rings, make sure to check that all the stones are secure before cleaning. If they are not, place the ring in a secure place and take the ring to a jeweler.

Methods of Cleaning

  • Don't Forget to Rinse – soap and water works like a charm when it comes cleaning your rings. One part mild soap such as dishwashing liquid mixed with three parts warm water, soak the ring for a few hours or use a soft bristle brush to scrub away the grime. Repeat this process until the ring is clean and wipe dry with a lint free cloth. Your ring will look brand new.
  • Is there anything it Doesn't Do? - baking soda has so many uses you could write a book about it. Well, if you do, add a chapter about cleaning rings to it! Mix a little baking soda with water until it forms a paste. Cover the ring with the paste and let the baking soda do its thing. Once again, a little brush and a wash under running water followed by a wipe dry with a lint free cloth. Don't expect your diamond to rise but do expect a much cleaner ring!
  • Fear Not – it may sound intimidating but using ammonia to clean your ring will do it no harm at all – unless you call make it glisten harmful. Just mix one part ammonia with three parts warm water, soak, brush, rinse, and dry. You know the drill by now.
  • Specialized Jewelry Solutions – if you don’t want to risk it, buy a specialized cleaning solution and follow the instructions.
  • Cleaning at a Jeweler – if you are still wary about cleaning your ring, a jeweler will clean your ring ultrasonically or with steam for minimal cost or even for no charge.


From Sharon Robinson, Genesis Diamonds