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Start a Family Wedding Tradition

Credit : Doros Photography

Family traditions are a great way to personalize and create a meaningful wedding ceremony. A tradition is one that is passed on from generation to generation and can be as simple as a kiss half way down the aisle (above) or as elaborate as warming of the rings.

For many couples a family tradition either does not exist or the tradition that has been passed down is outdated and does not apply to today's modern society. If you are a couple that does not have a tradition for your wedding but feel strongly about starting one to be passed down and shared with other family and future generations, we listed some ideas below.

Starting a Family Ceremony Tradition:

  • Save the unity candles from your wedding ceremony and relight them during a special occasion (such as an anniversary or birth of a child).
  • Have your names and wedding date engraved on your wedding cake server and when your children get married, pass it on to them. They can add their initials and wedding date. This can be passed from generation to generation and makes a wonderful memento.
  • Take pictures of the children in your wedding. When they get married, you can present them with a picture from when they were in your wedding years ago.
  • Have your guests sign fabric squares or even a tablecloth with indelible ink. You can then have the squares sewn into a keepsake quilt or you can use the tablecloth on each anniversary.
  • Save some lace so your daughter can have it sewn into her wedding veil or wedding gown years from now.
  • Save some lace from your wedding gown to be sewn into a christening gown for future generations.
  • Stop half way down the aisle after saying 'I Do' to steal a kiss. Be sure to get your photographer ready to capture the moment to store in an album to share with future generations.
  • Warming of the rings ~ this ceremony has many variations, but one variation is when the parents and immediate family each hold the ring and say a blessing or prayer (either out loud or silently). Perform the warming of the rings either prior to the ceremony or during the ceremony.

A wedding tradition does not have to be passed on to you - rather you can start your own tradition starting on your wedding day!