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Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

Many couples opt to get married outside because they think it will save them money. However, having an outdoor MA wedding ceremony can cost you just as much (or even more!) as having it at a wedding function facility. Not to mention the fact that it can be more stressful to plan because there are so many little details we tend to forget about.

If you have the time, patience, location (not to mention a connection with Mother Nature!) having an outdoor MA wedding ceremony can be beautiful. Here are a few things you should consider:

  • Be sure that the site will provide electricity, lighting, shelter, air conditioning and kitchen facilities.
  • Make sure that there are enough electrical outlets.
  • Make sure your vendors will be able to work in this condition.
  • Rent spotlights, lanterns or string lights between trees.
  • You'll need to rent port-a-potties if there are no bathroom facilities.
  • When renting a tent, be sure that it is waterproof. Ask if it comes with windows and flooring.
  • You'll also need to rent the little essentials, such as, linens, chairs, tables, silverware, etc.
  • Don't forget those pesky little mosquitoes!
  • Also remember those with allergies (pollen, grasses, etc.)
  • Have a backup plan - just in case of bad weather.