Wedding Programs

Credit : The Wedding Outlet

Wedding programs are a nice way to outline the events of your wedding, especially if you are having an interfaith wedding ceremony. It will allow your guests to follow along with any unfamiliar rituals that you have decided to include in the ceremony.

The ushers can hand out the programs as they are guiding your guests to their seats. Or if you are looking for a way to include children in your wedding, have them hand them to your guests as they arrive. If you want, you can just place them on the chairs or in the pews.

There are four parts to a wedding program:

  • Program Title
  • Order of Service
  • Participants
  • Special Note

Program Title

The first section, the Program Title, includes the couple's names, date and day, time, ceremony location, city and state.

Order of Service

This section outlines segments such as: prelude, processional/recessional, solo, invocation, readings, marriage ceremony, lighting of the unity candle, etc. You can also include music titles with composer, scripture passages with readers, words for short congregational prayers and any special notations you may have. Usually there is not enough room to include the entire songs or readings. If they are not listed in the prayer books, you can print them on the backside of the wedding program.


The third section lists the participants in the wedding. You can list the participants under separate headings (such as "Maid of Honor", "Best Man", etc.) or you can list everyone under the same heading (such as: "Wedding Participants"). Remember to use proper names. Use titles such as Mrs., Ms. or Miss. Do not use nicknames. This section should include the Wedding Party, readers, etc.

Special Note

In the last section, you can write your special thanks to all your guests. You can include a special thank-you message to your guests who have traveled long distances to be with you on your special day. You can also honor a deceased relative or friend. Instead of a personal message, you can have a special prayer or poem for your guests. This will make a nice keepsake. In this section you can also include any necessary information for your guests (such as information regarding the reception). You may have your wedding programs printed by the business you ordered your invitations through or you may decide to print your own. Many office supply stores have specialty paper you can or shop on-line bridal accessory sites for a large selection of ‘print your own’ programs.


  • Tip: Try an invitation supplier or calligrapher to assist you. For an added personal touch, consider making your own! With pre-printed colored front cover programs, all you need to do is create the inside and run through your printer! It's easy and inexpensive to create your own wedding programs.