Wedding Rings

Massachusetts wedding ceremony
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Well, you've already got the diamond engagement ring! Now it's time to choose the bands that you'll be exchaning during the wedding ceremony. The rings symbolize your [new] union. These will be the rings that you will be wearing for a very long time so be sure that you absolutely love them!

When determining your wedding budget, plan about 2 percent of your budget to go towards your wedding rings. Some experts say that the cost of your wedding rings should be the equivalent to three weeks' salary while other experts say that the wedding ring budget should be no more than both of your salaries for two months. These are not set rules. You should choose a ring based on your financial situation.

Be sure to choose a Massachusetts jeweler that is highly recommended by friends or family. Check with the Better Business Bureau to be sure that there have been no complaints filed against them. Unless you know something about precious stones, you'll be relying on your jeweler to help you choose the perfect ring.

Traditionally, the engagement ring is a single band with a solitary diamond and the wedding band is a single band made out of the same material. You may choose matching wedding bands - where the bride's ring is a smaller version of the groom's ring.

If you plan on wearing your wedding ring at all times, be sure you select a stone and setting that will withstand all the daily abuse (household chores, sport activities, etc.). The most popular metal used for wedding rings is gold. You can either select yellow or white in color. 24k is 100 percent gold. 18k is 74 percent gold. 14k is 58.5 percent gold. The higher the percentage of gold, the richer the color and softer the band. Therefore, if you are active and plan on wearing your wedding band all the time, your best bet is to go with 14k. If you're allergic to gold, go with white gold. It is stronger than yellow gold but tends to be more brittle. White gold looks like silver. Another option is platinum which is also white in color. Although platinum is stronger than gold, it is much more expensive.

Shop around before you make your final decision. Try on different styles to see what you like best. You will want a ring that compliments your hands and fingers.

Insuring your Wedding Rings

Getting your rings insured will protect them against loss or theft. You should get an appraisal of your rings and also a close-up photo of the rings and put them in a safe spot (safe deposit box). Your insurance agent can tell you what type of coverage you should get. You will also need to show the insurance agent a copy of the appraisal.

Make sure that you read the insurance policy very carefully to make sure that you are getting optimum coverage. Be sure to get full replacement coverage, so the insurance company will cover all costs to replace the ring. Many policies don't cover any lost stones unless you've lost the entire ring. Other policies will give you a cash settlement only for the amount the ring was appraised at the time of purchase.