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Wedding Costs

With wedding plans underway, it's time to face reality of what the average Massachusetts wedding costs: $25,000 - $30,000. The biggest portion of your budget will be allocated to the wedding reception - a whopping 49% of your budget! For more information on where your hard-earned cash will be going, some great money saving ideas, tips on wedding contracts, etc, check out the articles below.

Saving for your MA Wedding

how much and how to start

Average Wedding Costs

a reality check as to where most dollars go

Who Pays for What?

a traditional list as to who pays for what

Lavish or Low Key?

formal or casual reception - 3 ideas

12 Ideas for a Memorable Wedding

memorable, yet, inexpensive ideas

High-end Wedding Looks for Less

get high-end for a fraction of the price

Wedding Professionals

3 steps to pick the perfect professionals

Vendor Contracts

what should be included before you sign

Tipping MA Wedding Professionals

guidelines on who, when & how much to tip


MA wedding costs vary from wedding to wedding. Deciding your budget - and sticking to it - may be one of the hardest wedding tasks you encounter! Many couples will opt to cut costs on items they feel are not necessary - perhaps a wedding limo is not needed as your wedding ceremony and wedding reception are at the same location; while other couples will opt to DIY a large portion of their wedding. With many sites like Pinterest available, DIY weddings have gained popularity and one can find much inspiration from wedding favors to linen and chair sashes to more - the inspiration is endless.

Whether you choose to DIY all or part of your wedding, this may help with cutting costs. We caution, however, DIY couples to beware of how much you save compared to time spent. Your time is worth money (and your sanity!). It is worth hiring a wedding professional who can help you with your wedding tasks ~ capturing your wedding photos professionally; creating wedding invitations that are elegant and within your budget; emceeing your wedding and playing music your guests request; plus so many other MA wedding professionals that can assist with keeping your budget in mind when working with you and your Massachusetts wedding budget.