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Wedding Flowers

Flowers can be used to transform your wedding ceremony and wedding reception site. Each flower represents a certain trait, meaning and characteristic. Before you visit a Massachusetts flower shop, learn more about who receives flowers, popular wedding flowers, the wedding flower checklist and more!


Massachusetts Wedding Florists

tips on selecting the right wedding florist

Wedding Floral Tips

from selecting a florist to choosing the flowers

Who Receives Wedding Flowers

from bridesmaids to parents

Popular Wedding Flowers

seasons and meanings of popular wedding flowers

Wedding Flower Checklist

helpful checklist to bring with you to your florist

Wedding Ceremony Flowers

what to decorate and how to save

Wedding Reception Flowers

spruce up your reception with these ideas

Throwing the Bouquet...or Not

find alternatives to tossing the bouquet

Wedding Bouquet Preservation

methods of preserving your flowers to make them last