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Beyond the Traditional Boutonniere

Prominent in all of the wedding photos, the bride’s and bridesmaids’  floral bouquets are carefully selected to complement the gowns, reflect the bride’s favorite flowers, and even to comply with tradition, but what about the boutonnieres?  Boutonnieres, floral decorations worn by men on the left side of a tuxedo’s or suit’s lapel above the heart, are also quite noticeable in pictures, yet there really isn’t much thought given to the groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnieres.  Although the flower in a boutonniere usually matches a flower from the bride’s bouquet, the groom and groomsmen aren’t relegated to wearing just a simple rose or carnation with a spray of baby’s breath any more. Brides are trendier in their floral selections and there are florists and artists who are crafting boutonnieres with non-traditional flowers, artificial flowers, and unusual details that are taking boutonnieres to new heights.

Credit : Kristin Griffin Photography
Non-Traditional Boutonniere Flowers
When selecting a boutonniere flower, choose one that will stay fresh for a prolonged period of time and that does not have an overpowering scent. A couple of non-traditional boutonniere flowers that would stay fresh and make a big impression are large, colorful gerbera daisies or sunflowers. An assortment of succulents in various shapes or a single succulent stem is another hearty and unusually whimsical option. Pine cones and berries are a great flower alternative especially for fall and winter weddings. Although they lack petals, pine cones and berries still convey the freshness and delicateness of a flower.
Credit: Nevestica Accessories
Artificial Boutonniere Flowers
When you think of an artificial boutonniere, perhaps an image of a silk rose comes to mind. Many varieties of silk flowers are popularly used to create boutonnieres not only because they are less expensive than fresh flowers but also because they can be kept as a memento after the wedding. Nowadays though, you can think beyond silk and choose boutonnieres crafted from flowers that are made from felt, linen, paper or are crocheted.
Credit : The Wedding Outlet
Unusual Details
With a little imagination and some craft store items, you can adorn a basic floral boutonniere with colorful wire in abstract forms or add decorative accents like buttons, feathers or silk butterflies to create a custom look. For a bit of glitz and glamour, add beading, gemstones, rhinestones or glitter spray. You may even want to consider wearing a boutonniere that doesn’t feature a flower at all. Some couples are opting to personalize their boutonnieres with items that represent the groom’s interests or hobbies or that may coordinate with an unusual bridesmaids’ bouquet. A colorful windmill, a pearly seashell or a mini wooden guitar can replace the traditional boutonniere to reflect your individual style.

Since boutonnieres are now worn only at special occasions like weddings, why not make them look especially nice?  Go beyond the traditional boutonniere with a big, bold flower, a boutonniere fashioned to look like a flower, or one embellished with decorative accents, for a look that’s uniquely different.