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Intimate Weddings

Has the thought of being the center of attention got you frazzled? Are you dreading dishing out over $25K on one day? Then consider an MA intimate wedding reception. By inviting your closet friends and family, you have the option of saving big bucks OR having an extravagant wedding on a budget for 200! If you plan on having less than 100 guests, start here to plan your Massachusetts intimate wedding reception:

Reasons for a Small Wedding

why bigger isn't always better

Home Wedding

the perfect spot for an intimate wedding

The Perfect Reception Location

destination wedding or a local reception

MA Outdoor Weddings

the perfect outdoor location

Choosing Attendants

selecting attendants for an intimate wedding

What to Wear to a Small Wedding

8 influences on what to wear for an intimate wedding

Head Table Options

head table alternatives

Personalizing Your Wedding

reflecting both of your personalities


MA intimate wedding reception is a perfect choice for many couples. Nowadays, many couples are saying 'i do' later in life. This also means, many are paying for their ceremony and reception as a couple rather than looking for parents to pay for the wedding. Scaling back on the guest list doesn't always mean less expensive, either. Some couples choose to host an intimate wedding so that they can afford wedding luxuries they may not be able to afford with a large guest list.

Imagine taking your budget of $25K for 200 and creating a wedding on that same budget of $25K for 100 of your closest friends and family. What would you do? Perhaps end the night with a fireworks display? Have open bar the entire night coupled with late night appetizers? Spend the weekend at a Cape Cod retreat center, complete with brunch the morning after for your guests? How does a Massachusetts intimate wedding reception sound now?!