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Reception Decorations

Wedding Reception Flowers & Decor
Credit : Jeri Solomon Floral Design

Wedding reception flowers and decor have countless options to make your reception site unique. If you are having a theme wedding, have centerpieces and decorations match the theme. Here are some tips for decorating your reception site with flowers, balloons, candles, linens, photographs and so much more!

Wedding Flowers

Flowers are always a beautiful way to liven up a room. There are many ways you can decorate your wedding reception with flowers:

  • Have a vase of flowers at each table for the centerpiece. If you are having a theme wedding, go with the theme.
  • Use real flower petals for the cake decorations.
  • Give a rose or carnation to each guest as they arrive at the reception.
  • Use candles with dried flowers pressed in the wax as the centerpiece.
  • Use a candle or hurricane lamp with flowers placed all around it as the centerpiece.
  • If you are going to Hawaii on your honeymoon, have leis made up for both of you to wear as you are saying goodbye to your guests.

Wedding Candles

Using candles in the evening will create such a romantic atmosphere. Candlelight softens everything.

  • Use candles as the centerpiece.
  • Have traditional lanterns holding candles placed around the room.
  • Have candelabras placed around the room.
  • Choose scented candles.
  • Use floating candles as the centerpiece


Balloons are another popular decorating idea. They're not just for kids' parties!

  • You can have an archway created out of balloons for the bridal party to walk through as they make their grand entrance.
  • If you are having an outdoor wedding, balloons can add a colorful touch. Attach them to chairs or arrange them in clusters throughout the site.
  • If the reception site has high ceilings, have each balloon touch the ceiling with a metallic string hanging down (just above everyone's heads).


Using tablecloths, personalized napkins and chair covers will change the appearance of the room. Have the linens match or compliment your wedding colors. This will certainly add an elegant finishing touch to your reception.


Have framed photographs of you and your fiance spread throughout the wedding reception site. Choose pictures before you were dating and while you were dating. You can also include photographs of your parent's weddings. Your guests will be delighted when they see them!


Tulle is a very light fabric that can make your site look romantic. It can be used to decorate your wedding reception in the following ways:

  • It can be wrapped around the backs of each guests' chair.
  • Hang it from the ceiling to create the illusion of clouds.
  • Drape it over tablecloths to add a special touch.

Remember you don't need to go overboard when decorating. There are many ways to decorate you just need to come up with an idea (or theme) and go with it. Check with your MA wedding florist to see if they have ideas for your tastes and venue.