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Food & Catering

The reception is the biggest (and hardest) part of your wedding to plan. The bulk of your wedding budget will be spent on the wedding reception. We've got tips on finding the perfect reception site, plus selecting the right type of service for dinner and beverages.

Selecting a Wedding Reception Site

garden, beach or mansion

MA Wedding Caterers

must ask questions when interviewing caterers

Function Service Types

the four styles to choose from

Clambake Receptions

how to incorporate this New England tradition

Creating Your Guest List

tips to gain control of your wedding guest list

Seating Arrangements

how to make it work

Head Table Options

find alternatives to the head table

Serving Alcohol

which of the 4 bar options will you choose

Reception Cocktail Ideas

spruce up drink selections

Toasting at the Reception

who leads it and how to thank your guests

Wedding Cakes

how to select a baker and wedding cake tips

Wedding Reception Schedule

find a sample wedding itinerary


Massachusetts wedding receptions will require a lot of attention to detail. So much planning - starting with where to have your wedding reception and the guest list and ending with a toast before dancing and enjoying the wedding day you've planned!


Let MAWG guide you through the necessities of the wedding reception. This will be like no other event you have hosted before. This is your wedding day with many family and friends celebrating your wedding with you. Good food provided by your wedding caterer or wedding reception site plus great company (ie: seating arrangements!) all must come together to create your dream Massachusetts wedding reception.