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Function Service Types


There are several different catering service types that are available for your wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, shower and engagement party. Before booking, check with the function hall to ensure they have the service you need.

Service Types include:

  • American Service
  • Buffet Style
  • Family Style
  • Food Stations

American Service

This service is most commonly used in catering because it allows large numbers of guests to be served quickly with a minimum number of servers. The dinner is prepared in the kitchen and then served to the wedding guests on banquet trays.

Buffet Style

Buffets require more time for the meal because guests are actually serving themselves. The guests will be able to choose from a variety of foods (main course, vegetables and desserts) which are displayed on large tables.

Family Style

Guests are seated at their tables and they help themselves to the platters of food. Then they pass the food along the table to the other guests sitting at their table. This may be more costly since the caterer cannot control the portions of food that the guests eat and the caterer must keep the platter full.

Food Stations

Food stations are similar to the buffet service. Foods such as kebabs, pasta, stir-fry, appetizers and desserts are prepared to order by the chefs at the buffet tables. Watching each chef prepare the food can be entertaining.