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Setting a Wedding Date

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Just got engaged? Congratulations! We'd like to remind you to stay cool, calm and collective when starting your wedding plans. Before you get started, be sure to sit back and enjoy the first few weeks. Don't rush out and start your planning - there will be plenty of time.  Also, don't let people start pressuring you about what plans you should be making first. Just revel in the fact that you've got the ring!

After sharing the great news with your family and friends, it's time to start your planning. Selecting a wedding date will be one of the first steps. Decide how long of an engagement you would like. You may just want to wait for that special date (such as your anniversary, etc.) or even come up with a date by figuring out just how long you think it will take to plan your wedding.

Most engagements last from six months to a year. That's not to say that you can't get married two years from the time you get engaged (or even two months!). That decision is up to the couple.

What season would you like to get married in? Would you prefer fall foliage or spring flowers Does an outdoor wedding appeal to you? How you choose your wedding date is going to depend on the following:

  • How much time is it going to take to plan for your big day?
  • You'll have to check for significant dates such as graduation, holidays, Grandma's 100th birthday, etc.
  • Do you want your wedding to fall on a certain date such as the anniversary date of the first time you met or a special holiday, like Valentine's Day?
  • One big factor is whether or not you can get the reception site and ceremony site on the same day. You may just have to switch dates to accommodate both the reception and ceremony site on the same day.
  • Another factor is the time of year. Certain times of the year tend to be more expensive than others. If you're looking to cut your expenses, you'll want to set an "off season" date.  You'll be able to save some money this way.
  • New England offers beautiful backdrops for all seasons - cool spring day, hot summer beach wedding, beautiful fall foliage or a winter wonderland? Decide on a season then select the date. Find great ideas for unique reception sites in New England.
  • You may have decided to wear your mother's wedding gown -  which is made of a very heavy material. You won't want to get married in the summer with that gown on!

So, as you can see, there are many factors to consider when selecting a wedding date. So you must envision your "perfect" wedding day and decide what would be the most important factor for you.