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Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

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Bachelorette parties and bachelor parties are usually held about a week before the wedding to celebrate the last days of being single. Typically, the best man and the groomsmen host the bachelor party and include the groom's closest friends and relatives (males only). The maid of honor and the bridesmaids host the bachelorette party and include the bride's closest friends and relatives (females only). 

Below is a list of ideas to consider:

  • Nice dinner at his/her favorite restaurant where they can reminisce about old times
  • Go to a comedy club
  • Go dancing at his/her favorite nightclub
  • Play poker
  • See a play at the theatre
  • Rent a limo and visit all your favorite bars - having just one drink at each bar
  • Sporting events (don't forget the tailgate party that goes with the football games!)
  • Spend the weekend at a spa (relax with a massage!)
  • Go skiing for the weekend
  • Go gambling at Foxwoods, Atlantic City or Las Vegas for the weekend
  • Camping for the weekend (fish all weekend long and enjoy mother nature!)
  • Golfing for the day
  • Have a paintball party

Whatever the hosts choose to do, they need to make sure that they keep the bride's and groom's feelings and personality in mind when making the plans. Make sure the bride and groom will have fun and feel comfortable with their surroundings.

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