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Wedding Party

You've selected your wedding party ~ maid of honor, best man and all your bridal attendants. Now it's time to let them know what the next several months entails! Being a member of your wedding party is more than the day of your wedding. It entails wedding party tasks and duties they should perform, as well as being their for you on an emotional level.

Wedding Party Duties

traditional tasks for the bridal party

The Wedding Line-Up

where to be, when to be there and in what order

Why Family Members Act Up

stop emotions from running too high

Keeping Your Single Friends Close

why your single friends are pulling away

Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner

elegant affair or a casual backyard barbecue

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

ideas to celebrate the last days of being single

Gift Suggestions

show your appreciation with a unique gift


You Massachusetts wedding party should be with you every step of the way. It is important to realize although you are the bride/groom, things may not always go the way you wish. Be wary of your wedding party's needs. Emotions may run high during your engagement and wedding planning. Stress and changes in your relationships, as well as your wedding party spending time and money to be part of your wedding may cause unexpected issues. That is why it is so important to show your appreciation as often as you can!

Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is  a time to thank your wedding party and shower them with gifts and a thoughtful note. However, don't be afraid to send a quick email letting your wedding party member know how much you appreciate them helping you with your latest task - whether it be visiting countless bridal shops to find THE bridal gown; stuffing envelopes to get your invitations out on time; helping you decide on the linen colors; etc. Showing your appreciation will keep your wedding party motivated to continue helping and will make planning your MA wedding easier!