Details & Ideas

It's the small details that can make your MA wedding ceremony truly  unique and memorable to both you and your wedding guests. We've uncovered some of the latest trends - both small and big - to consider for your MA wedding:

Wedding Transportation

unique & fun! 4 ideas for adventurous helicopter ride.

Unplugged Weddings

how to get guests to be 'present' +avoid photobombs!

Ceremonies: Making it Personal

7 ideas to give your wedding a look and feel that is all your own

Children & Wedding Ceremonies

find meaningful ways to include children from past marriages

Friends Fur-ever – Including Dogs in Weddings

4 wedding accessories for your fur-ever friend


Nowadays, more and more couples are realizing that planning the wedding ceremony is just as important as the planning the wedding reception. Afterall, the wedding ceremony is the heart of the day! With more couples saying 'i do' at unique locations/outside of the church, this allows more freedom to decorate and customize the wedding ceremony to reflect their personality and couple style. Still looking for a location to exchange vows? Find unique locations and ideas for New England weddings >