Unity Sand Ceremony

Untiy Sand Ceremony
Credit : The Wedding Outlet

Symbolize your marriage with this unique alternative to the unity candle ceremony. The Unity Sand Ceremony is a perfect choice for indoor weddings and especially outdoor weddings - as the unity candle's flame may blow out from the wind. The Unity Sand Ceremony is easy to perform and the pouring of sand symbolizes the merging of the two individuals.

Ceremony Seating

What you need for your sand ceremony:

Three Vases
- 2 small vases for the couple; a larger, center vase where each participant will pour the sand into. If you choose to include the officiant or child/children, you will need a vase for each participant.

Colored Sand - many select a different color sand for each participant and colors that compliment your wedding party.

Purchase vases and sand at a craft store, such as Michaels, or purchase a kit for a sand ceremony on-line at wedding specialty store.

How the sand ceremony works:

Step 1: The first participant pours a portion of their sand into the center vase.

Step 2: The second participant pours a portion of their sand into center vase, creating a layered effect.

Step 3: The couple pours the sand into the center vase simultaneously.

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  • Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to create multiple sand layers.
  • Include your officiant in the sand ceremony to symbolize your union with faith. He/she will follow Step 2 above. Typically the officiant uses white sand.
  • Include his/her children by having each child pour sand into the center vase. Children follow Step 2 above. This symbolizes merging the families together.

The Unity Sand Ceremony is a great choice to make your ceremony special for the two of you. The vases also make a great keepsake after the wedding. After the ceremony, add a topper to the vases to ensure the sand does not spill. The end result is a timeless piece that you can treasure always.


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