Jeweled Bridal Bouquets

Bridal bouquets come in a variety of shapes and sizes – from small hand-tied bouquets to long, lavish cascading bouquets. Details, such as jewels, ribbon and ornaments can be added to the bouquet's stem to create a unique style that compliments your style.

Checkout some of the amazing bouquets we discovered from local MA wedding florists:

Bouquets with Bling

Glam up your bouquet with rhinestone cuffs and pins. As easy as slipping on or pinning to a ribbon. Pins are a great addition as you can treasure and wear them after the wedding.

Bouquets with Bling: Rhinestone Cuff
Bouquets with Bling: Rhinestone Pin
Bling Bridal Bouquet Wrap
Rhinestone Stretch Bouquet Band Crystal Rose Bouquet Pin Metallic Sparkle Bouquet Wrap


Charming Bouquets

Add charm and signifigance to your bridal bouquet: wrap a locket of your significant other; drape rosary beads; or pin grandma's vintage brooch. A great way to include someone who is not able to attend the wedding.

Charming Bouquets: Locket
Charming Bouquets: Initial Charm
Charming Bouquets: Rosary Beads
Bouquet Locket Bracelet Heart Charm Initial Bracelet Rosary Beads/Tamara Reid Designs
Charming Bouquets: Locket with Lace
Charming Bouquets: tag
Charming Bouquets: Photo Charm
Charm +Brooch/Danielson Flowers Tag/The Henry Studio Memorial Bouquet Charm


Ribbons & Pearls

Hand-tied bouquets are a gorgeous addition to any style. Incorporate pearl pins for a more traditional style.

Ribbons & Pearls
Ribbons & Pearls
Ribbons & Pearls
Just for You Floral Design Just for You Floral Design Pearl Design/La Jolie Fleur


Ornamental Bouquets

A modern twist on a bouquet is to add feathers or ornaments. We also love the touch of an ornament to carry out a theme like the starfish pictured below!

Ornamental Bouquets: Feathers
Ornamental Bouquets
Ornamental Bouquets: Starfish
Feathers/Kristin Griffin Photographer Ornamental/Jeri Solomon Design Starfish/Fleur-tatious Floral Design


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