Wine Ceremony

The Wine Ceremony has grown tremendously in popularity recently. Perhaps it’s the growing love for wine; the internet spreading this aging trend; or perhaps a bit of both!

Symbolically, the wine ceremony represents blending two lives and/or two families. The wine ceremony can be included while the couple recites their vows; after the ring exchange; or at the end of the ceremony. Wine/items may be placed on a table before the ceremony; or during the ceremony have your mothers/fathers bring the wine to a designated table. Check with your wedding officiant for suggestions and ideas, as well as popular versus or tips to create your own unique verse.

With all things wedding, there are many variations for including the wine ceremony. We encourage couples to be unique - the multiple suggestions below should help you find your couple style or perhaps help you create your own twist on this tradition.

Wedding Wine Ceremony: Two Lives

Shown: Wine Wedding Unity Ceremony Set

Wine Ceremony – Two Lives

Items needed: 2 small carafes, 1 large carafe, 2 glasses OR 1 Common Cup

  • Select one wine prior to the ceremony and pour equal amounts into two small carafes.
  • The Officiant announces "To symbolize and celebrate the blending of your two lives into one, I invite you to perform the Wine Ceremony.”
  • The couple each take an individual carafe and simultaneously pours into a larger carafe
  • The couple then will each take a turn pouring wine from the larger carafe into a glass for their partner.
  • Once poured, a toast is made, such as ‘and the two shall become one’ or ‘to us’, etc.
  • Each take a sip from their glass

Alternative: rather than pouring into two glasses, pour into one Common Cup. Each then takes a sip from the Common Cup.


Wedding Wine Ceremony: Blending

Shown: Wine Carafe & Glass Set

Wine Ceremony – Blending

Visually display your two lives blending by mixing a white and red wine.

Items needed: white wine, red wine, 2 carafes, and a glass (common cup)

Officiant: One carafe contains red wine representing the deep richness of the love in their hearts and the robust energy which keeps their loving relationship going. The other carafe contains white wine, fermented in oak barrels, it represents the strength of a loving marriage and a lingering taste in their soul for the love they feel for each other. They will combine some of the two wines into the common cup, creating a rose, which is symbolic of their blending together through a committed relationship in marriage. Some of the wine will remain in their individual carafes which represents that each of them remain separate individuals.

(Couple pours wine into the Common Cup)

Officiant: This cup is a sign of your unity. Although you are two distinct persons, both respecting the equal dignity of the other, you have chosen to unite your lives and to seek your happiness together. You drink from the same cup to be reminded that from this day forward you will share all that is to come, encompassing all sorrows and joys, all hardships and triumphs, all the experiences of life, drink now, and may the cup of your lives be sweet and full to overflowing.

(Officiant hands the Common Cup to the couple to take turns sipping from the Cup. The couple may choose to toast each other at this time. Then the couple places the glasses back on the table and turn back to the officiant)

Officiant concludes with “May the robust energy, strength, and rich love you have for each other be with you always.”

Alternative: You may also choose to have your parents pour the wine to symbolize their continuity of love and support.


Wedding Wine Ceremony: Sharing

Shown: Wooden Wedding Wine Box

Wine Ceremony - Sharing

Items Needed: one glass of wine

Officiant: "In this glass are the fruits of God, Humankind and Mother Earth.

The years of our lives are like a cup of wine that is poured out for the sake of labor, honor and love.

Many days you will sit at the same table and eat and drink together. Many are the experiences you will share.

As with a glass of wine, one of you may find it sweet, the other perhaps dry or somehow different.

Let the drink you share today serve as a reminder that although you may perceive things very differently, being right is never more important than being happy.

With this space that you give each other, always putting your commitment to love and honor one another first, your lives together will grow deeper, richer and greatly satisfying, like a rare and fine wine.

You may now drink from this fountain of love."

(Couple shares the cup; each taking a sip.)

Alternative: each could hold the cup for the other as they sip.


Wedding Wine Ceremony: Toasting

Shown: Decanter & Wine Glass Set

Wine Ceremony – Toasting

Items Needed: bottle of wine and two glasses

This is for the couple that wants to have a simple toast after exchanging vows.

At the end of the ceremony, the officiant uncorks a bottle of wine (consider white in case of spills) and pours into one glass.

Officiant: "A good wine, like a good marriage, is the result of many years of hard work. There is the unhurried nurturing of the vine and tender care of the grape, thoughtful mix of ingredients, patient fermenting -- yielding the unique flavors of each passing year.

So let this first glass of wine that you taste together celebrate all that has brought you to this moment, expressing hope and faith in the commitments you have made here today. And let it symbolize for you how sharing the partnership of marriage not only doubles the sweetness of life, but also lightens the burden of its bitterness by half."

(Each then holds the cup for the other as s/he sips from the cup.)



From quotes from the bible to poems, there are many verses that can be used during this ceremony – or consider creating your own poetic verse. Select a verse that has meaning to the two of you and that you will enjoy reading years to come. Search online and you will find many suggestions and variations to the above. Remember there is no wrong way when it comes to your wedding – include a wine ceremony with a verse that has meaning to you both.