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Late Night Wedding Appetizers

After drinking and dancing, your wedding guests will work up an appetite. Even though most wedding receptions include a cocktail hour, dinner and dessert, by the end of the night, guests sometimes find themselves going to a drive thru window on their way home. Many couples don't want guests to leave the wedding on an empty stomach, so they are surprising guests with late night apps during the last hour.

Standard type appetizers would certainly be a welcome site at the end of the night but many couples are taking the late night bites beyond the traditional stuffed mushroom caps and shrimp cocktail. They’re offering fun finger foods that can be served buffet style or butlered and passed right on the dance floor.


Wedding Snacks: Sliders
Wedding Snacks: Grilled Cheese & Soup
  Granite Links Golf Club The Casual Gourmet
Wedding Snacks: Hamburgers/BBQ
Wedding Snacks: Food on a Stick
  Smokey's Longhorn Catering Primavera
Wedding Snacks: Bacon Wrapped Fries
Wedding Snacks: Fries & Other Finger Foods
Wedding Snacks: Pretzels
  Capers Catering The Casual Gourmet Kristin Griffin Photography
Wedding Snacks: Pretzels
Wedding Snacks: Nachos
  The Casual Gourmet Granite Links Golf Club

Late Night App Menu Ideas

Menus for these pop in your mouth morsels are usually customized based on tastes and interests of the couple. If you’re considering late night apps, here are suggestions to inspire and spark your own ideas.

  • Cultural Foods: a fun way to celebrate your cultural heritage is to look to your culture for appetizer inspirations. Lots of traditional ethnic foods can turn into finger foods by making them bite-size. One-bite Asian inspired appetizers might include mini spring rolls or scallion pancakes while Italian inspired small bites could include mini pizzas or ricotta fritters.