Wedding Signing Stones

wedding signing stones There are so many options when it comes to a wedding guest book. A traditional, lined guest book is still very popular, but many couples are turning to guest book alternatives that will make a great keepsake that won’t be shut and stored on a bookshelf. Signing Stones are a fun ways to collect guests' well wishes. Signing Stones lets guests either sign or leave a small message on stones and place into a vase. The signed stones and the vase make an attractive home decoration and a memorable keepsake of the attending guests.
  • Engraving the vase with your monogram, names and/or event date to create a lasting keepsake.
  • Adding a burst of color after your wedding day by purchasing a colored quartz rock to represent each of the members of your bridal party.
  • Honeymooning on the beach? Grab two smooth rocks and write your own message to one another to include in the vase when you return.

How it works:

Display smooth, blank stones on your Welcome Table. Blank stones may be laid scattered on table or in a bowl.

Lay permanent pens for guests to sign stones. We recommend using colors to compliment your wedding. Sharpies are a permanent pen that come in a large assortment of colors. Be sure to choose a dark color that will display - test on stones prior to the wedding day!

Set a large vase on Table to collect stones as guests’ leave their messages. Be sure to choose a vase that will accommodate all the stones. If you are having a large wedding, you’ll want to be sure that the vase selected can fit all those stones!

Leave a friendly instruction card or frame instructions and place on the table so that guests will know what to do:


Pick a stone

Write your name or a short message

Place the signed stone into the vase

Signing Stones
We think this trend is a great one here in the New England as it fits in perfectly with a beach or nautical wedding theme. The Signing Stones and Vase make for a unique, memorable piece that is visually appealing and can add to the decor of your home while reminding you of your wedding day.

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