Plantable Wedding Stationery

Plantable Wedding Stationery has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Couples can choose to purchase with the help and assistance of a local wedding stationer; or the DIY couples can find these eco-friendly stationery just about anywhere online. So whether you want to trust this task to a professional MA wedding stationer  or venture out and create your own one-of-a-kind wedding invitation, you have many options.

Here are a few favorites:

Springtime Weddings

Cherry Blossoms are perfect for a spring wedding invitation. Each year when the flowers bloom, your guests will remember your wedding day.

Summer Plantable Wedding Stationery


Summertime Weddings

Plantable Stationery has many floral designs to choose from - including this abstract Water Orchid that is available in many colors. Invitations should be mailed several weeks before the wedding, meaning your invitation can be received and planted immediately.

Summer Plantable Wedding Stationery


Autumn Weddings

Like summer, autumn weddings have an array of styles with leafy designs. This Birch seeded wedding invitation is perfect for Fall.

Autumn Seaded Wedding Invitations


Winter Weddings

Personalization is still a hot trend making this Modern Damask plantable stationery perfect for a winter wedding.

Winter Wedding Plantable Stationery

  • Fact: Made from post-consumer material: no new fibers were used in the production of the paper.
    Why We ♥: Just a small way to go green for your wedding!
  • Fact: Eliminates Waste: no need to throw it away, simply plant it and watch it grow!
    Why We ♥: Unlike other paper which gets thrown away, guests plant each piece you mail to them!
  • Fact: Pretty & Practical: popular design options, grows wildflowers or herbs.
    Why We ♥: Great designs that compliment any theme and guests will enjoy them long after the wedding.

Dani in our office went green with the Ornate Floral design from Botanical Paperworks. With many wedding professionals and vendors at her fingertips, she was able to customize a style that Sean and her love! This design is a true reflection of their taste and was perfect for their rustic wedding.


So when you are ready to select your inviations, consider eco-friendly styles. Ask your wedding stationer if they have a line of plantable wedding stationery. Chances are you'll find a style that you'll love plus its plantable paper will remind your guests about your wedding everytime they bloom!