How To Be A Cool Bride

While surfing the internet for the latest trends in weddings, we kept seeing discussions about what it takes to be “a Cool Bride.” So after a Bride picks out her dress, decides on a wedding venue, guest list, food, photographer and more, she’s expected to be “cool,” too?

But the more we read, we realized that being a “Cool Bride,” is all about a Bride with a great attitude, who cares about making her guests and wedding party feel special and doesn’t sweat the small stuff.  By embracing this demeanor, our cool Bride can really enjoy herself and be present for her guests – ensuring she won’t feel like her wedding day passed her by.

Here are our tips:

Being Cool to Your Bridesmaids

1. Understand that one choice of a dress might not be figure flattering to all your Bridesmaids. Embrace the hot trend of picking different dresses of the same color for your Bridesmaids.  Or pick different dresses in the colors of your wedding palette, just remember to give each Bridesmaid a swatch of the color you’d like her to match.

Cool Bride: Individual Bridesmaids Dresses
  Kristin Griffin Photography
Cool Bride: Individual Bridesmaids Dresses
Cool Bride: Individual Bridesmaids Dresses
  Bari Jay @Party Dress Express Dani & Sean's CT wedding, Rodeo & Co Photography

2. You’ve been dreaming of the perfect hairdos for your Bridesmaids and you’ve sent all your girls the picture of a complicated updo. A Cool Bride would have a wedding hairstylist ready to do the “do” the day of the wedding and she would pay for it!

  Beauty Entourage I DO on-site hair and face I DO on-site hair and face

Be Cool to your Groom and Groomsmen

3. Want Cool points before your wedding even starts? Send over a light breakfast while the groom and groomsmen get ready. Even cooler? Include an adult beverage such as bloody marys or screw drivers (just one libation each!)

4. A Cool Bride would be cool with the guys (husband not included!) retiring to the bar to watch a big game, as long as they come dancing at half-time.

Cool Bride: Groosmen Friendly
Cool Bride: Groosmen Friendly
  In the Pink Events Eric Limón Photography

Be Cool to your Guests

5. A Cool Bride remembers that she and her groom had lives long before they met. She might surprise her new in-laws by flashing a photo of their wedding (if she’s doing a photo montage). She might name a wedding cocktail after her grooms high school so friends of his, whom she’s never met, feel more included. Having a favorite meal that your groom grew up on, served at the wedding, is another way to pay tribute to his side of the family.

Cool Bride: Be Cool to Wedding Guests
  The Catered Affair Eric Limón Photography

We hope these tips earn you the titled of “Coolest Bride of Them All!