DIY Weddings

Wedding DIY was once a secret of budget friendly Brides. Many of us went to these weddings and felt a little envious - all we could see was a Bride who brought beautiful personal touches to her wedding, from homemade bouquets to her wedding favors.  And that, friends, is how the DIY movement got started!

Here are a few of our favorite DIY wedding things:

DIY Wedding Cake/Treats

One of the hottest trends for weddings is a Dessert Bar - a table filled with assorted baked goods including a small wedding cake, and often wedding cupcakes, too! This is perfect for the DIY couple who would like to make their own wedding cake and treats, on a smaller scale. The petal cake below could easily be one layer! (online tutorial for making petal cake)

A Dessert Bar can make a smaller wedding cake go a longer way. Happily add your partner and your favorite childhood treats and let a favorite relative bring his/her famous pie. This is a lovely way to incorporate the people you love into your wedding!

DIY Wedding Dessert Table
How cute are these ceramic letter dishes to hold some of your dessert offerings?!
Love Letter Ceramic Dishes
Ceramic Candy Dishes


DIY Favors

Get creative with your wedding favors! From jars and bags to what goes inside, DIY favors are a great way to personally thank your guests:

DIY Wedding Favor Bags
DIY Wedding Favors
DIY Wedding Favor Jars
How great are these Sweet Shoppe Candy Boxes? Fill them with a favorite candy or cookies. Your guests will love this favor and you’ll enjoy the savings. Are you the kind of woman who has saved every type of jelly jar in her life? Another terrific DIY favor is putting one of these sugar body scrubs in them! Another great way to package sweets for your guests! Though made for candy, candy jars could be used to store a beautiful succulent gift, too!


DIY Bouquets

DIY bouquets are a great way to save money and show off your couple’s personal style.  Perhaps you’ll use the flower of the state you met in or each of the states you were born in; or perhaps you’ll incorporate flowers from your garden.  So many wonderful ways to make a bouquet that tells a story.

As an added bonus, this DIY tutorial also includes boutonnieres and corsages!
online tutorial >
11 Steps to create your bouquet
online tutorial >


DIY Wedding Hair

Although it’s called DIY, you’ll get much better results with the help of a friend when it comes to your wedding day hair style!  

French Side Braid
online tutorial >
Always popular: Half up/Half Down
online tutorial >
Photography: Hart & Sol West, Michelle Govang


Other Great Wedding DIYs

DIY Photo Placecards
DIY Save the Date Magnet
These DIY place cards will have your guests talking! The most creative Save the Date we’ve ever seen! A trip to the craft store and some printed ribbon is all you need.
DIY Photobooth Backdrop
DIY Wedding Shoes
No need to spend hundreds on a Photobooth when you can make your own DIY photobooth backdrop after a visit to the craft store! With a visit to the craft store, you’ve got a pair of wedding shoes like no other!


Is a DIY wedding for everyone? Not at all! There are some favors, decor or even baking that a couple can do together. However, if neither of you are crafty or have the time, we suggest you leave it up to the wedding professionals! Afterall, your time is worth something plus peace of mind after checking of a completed wedding task is priceless.