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How to Have Fun at Your Wedding

These days a hot trend is to have a “fun wedding.”  It’s not necessarily a theme, it’s more of a goal for couples that want their wedding to be relaxed, enjoyable and to put smiles on their guests faces!

Here are our Ten Hot Tips to Having a Fun Wedding!

Before The Big Day

1. The Meet & Greet: Plan a fun outing with your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. This is a perfect way for them to meet each other and also sets the tone for a fun wedding, especially if you plan a outing such as bowling, lawn games or touch football on the beach. Checkout our Pinterest Wedding Games board for more fun.
Fun Weddings: Meet & Greet Games
Fun Weddings: Meet & Greet Games
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2. It's all inthe RSVP: Another great way to convey that your wedding is going to be a fun affair, is with your Save The Dates or Wedding Invites. Here are some we love:
Fun Weddings: Fun Wedding RSVPs
Fun Weddings: Fun Wedding RSVPs
  Red Turtle Invitations Paper & Pearl

The Big Day!

3. Cheeky Centerpieces: Is your husband a comic book nerd? Surprise him by naming the tables after his favorite Super Heroes. Another great idea is to make a centerpiece that tells a story about the two of you.
Fun Wedding Centerpieces
Fun Wedding Centerpieces
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4. Unique Fun & Favors: Is the future so bright, you gotta wear shades? If you’re having an outdoor wedding, get thee to the dollar store and pick out some unique and playful sunglasses for your guests. Making a fruity signature wedding cocktail at your reception? What guest wouldn’t love a muddler to recreate your drink!
Unique & Fun Favors: Flip Flops
Unique & Fun Favors: Edible Favors
  Mini Gumball Machines Cheers to a Great Combo Wedding Favor
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5. Up The Wattage with Bright Colors: DIYers rejoice! Streamers are an inexpensive way to incorporate color into your wedding. Pops of color just say, “Fun wedding!” If streamers are not up your alley, think: striped table runners; paper flowers, rock candy or a grouping of bold colored vases as centerpieces.
Up the Wattage: Bright & Bold Colors
Up the Wattage: Bright & Bold Colors
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  Boho Party Straw Flags Love Ceramic Plate Set
  Boho Party Straw Flags Love Ceramic Plate Set

6. Fun with Photobooth Props: If you’ve been on Pinterest, you might be not be able to look at one more “cut out mustache on a stick” photo booth prop. And that’s okay! Because we have a great way to kick photo booth props up a notch. Look for props that play into your wedding theme. We found these two unique ideas, one for a Harry Potter themed wedding and the other for a carnival theme.
Photobooth Props
Photobooth Props: Carnival Themed
  Photo Prop Set Step Up to the Booth Sign

7. Game On: Games are not only fun but a great way for guests to meet and mingle with each other. Favorite wedding games: croquet, ring toss, corn hole, Jenga and hula hoop contests. Up the fun factor with teams being quizzed on how well they know the couple!
Fun Wedding Reception Games
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8. Get Crafty: Have guests that love craft beer? Or perhaps you’re having a Rustic or Vineyard wedding. Then you’ll love our idea of having a craft beer or wine tasting at your wedding. This is another great way for your guests to mingle with each other, too!
Fun Wedding Ideas: Wine Tasting
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9. Pizza, Burgers & Grilled Cheese - Oh, My! Late night snacks = unexpected fun! Food that isn’t fussy is always welcome by guests. After a night of dancing the night away, have a food truck surprise your guests. Let the choice of food be as whimsical as you like, think: NY style wieners, ice cream treats or hot donuts and coffee!
Fun Wedding: Appetizers
  Off the Vine Catering

10. Get Kiddy with It! You’re a Bride-To-Be who really wants children included in your wedding but you also want their parents to have a good time, too. A hot (and fun) trend is activities for the kids. Whether it’s tablescapes that invite coloring and games (think, Tic Tac Toe) or a “Kids Cave,” a secret lair for kids to play in or show a movie. By setting up activities for kids, you’ve definitely made your wedding fun for them (and their parents!)
Fun Weddings:  Kid Friendly Receptions
  Wedding Coloring Cards & Activities
We hope these ideas inspire you to create an atmosphere at your wedding that is playful, engaging and involves a lot of laughter!